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About Us-关于我们

Shenzhen Pudao Network Technology Co.LTD. was established on August 4, 2015. It has an office area of about 300 square meters and more than 50 employees. The average age of the staff is between 24-30 years old. More than 90% of them graduated from well-known domestic universities.

We focus on developing mobile game and publishing on overseas. As to May 2019, Company has independently developed more than 20 games, more than 10 games have been launched on overseas, and others are being launched. The accumulated users have exceeded 20 million, mainly distributed in developed regions such as Europe and America.

Among them, the "Billiards Master" series has been updated for three generations, has accumulated more than 10 million players, and the fourth generation is developing. It maintains more than 1,000 new users every day, occupying the top 50 in the simulation sports rankings. The "Motorcycle Rider" series has been updated and achieved good results. There are 5 million players in total, and 500 new users are added every day. In May of this year, the game was translated into the Chinese version of "Real Moto Championship", with the highest daily download over 100,000 users.


短短3年时间,我们已经自主研发超过二十余款游戏,已在海外上线十余款,其他陆续上线中。累积用户已过二千万,主要分布在欧美等发达地区。 其中《Billiards Master》系列已经更新了三代,第四代在紧密研发中,累积玩家已过千万,每天保持一千以上的自然新增用户,占领模拟运动类排行榜前50名。 其次《Motorcycle Rider》系列更新二代,也取得不俗的成绩。累计玩家五百万,每天五百左右的自然新增用户。今年5月,该游戏翻译成中文版《真实摩托锦标赛》,最高一天下载量,有十万用户。